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Affordable, Low Cost Bankruptcy Fees

San Jose Bankruptcy Attorney.  Keith F. Carr is a Bankruptcy Attorney located at 111 North Market Street in downtown San Jose, California.Mr. Carr has practiced bankruptcy law for 30 years. The Law Offices of Keith F. Carr charges affordable bankruptcy fees which makes filing for bankruptcy possible and convenient for most people. We charge a fraction of what other attorneys may charge for Chapter 7.  

Attorney Keith F. Carr prepares and guides clients through the entire process.  We provide full representation in Chapter 7, including preparation of Chapter 7 petition, legal counseling, and Attorney Keith F. Carr’s appearance at the Meeting of Creditors with the debtor. 

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Quick, Easy, and Affordable…

Mr. Carr helped me file Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  He made it quick, easy, and affordable, and it went off without a hitch.  Plus, he was friendly and easy to work with.  Highly recommended!

D. San Jose Law Offices of Keith F. Carr

Reliable, Proficient, And Supportive!

Attorney Keith F. Carr is a very reliable and proficient bankruptcy lawyer who always stands beside his client as a consistently supportive and helpful attorney who sees his client’s case through from the beginning to the end of the bankruptcy process!!

Claro Fremont Law Offices of Keith F. Carr

Highly Recommend Keith Carr!

I interviewed two other attorneys before I found Keith Carr.  Although they both seemed competent I thought their fees were high.  So I searched Google for low cost Bankruptcy attorneys and found Mr Carr’s firm.  At first I thought, generally, “you get what you pay for.”  But after our initial meeting I found that he was very knowledgeable and very professional and I felt very reassured that I had made the right choice.  He explained everything that I needed to do and everything that would happen throughout the process.  His fee was fair and very low compared to the others I interviewed.  If you need a low cost bankruptcy attorney, I highly recommend Keith Carr.

Daniel Belmont Law Offices of Keith F. Carr

First time

First time filing chapter 7 and Keith stood by me the whole way. Price plus service was excellent!!!! Definitely would recommend!

H. Sacramento Law Offices of Keith F. Carr

Returned calls promptly…

Returned calls promptly…able to answer all questions in a timely manner.

W. Sacramento Law Offices of Keith F. Carr

Straight forward…

[Mr. Carr] was very courteous and straight forward on giving information…

M. Oakland Law Offices of Keith F. Carr


I liked Mr. Carr over other attorneys because he was more self-assured and he was knowledgeable…

F. South San Francisco Law Offices of Keith F. Carr

Less burdening…

Made everything less burdening…very quick and very discreet and very helpful.

S. San Bruno Law Offices of Keith F. Carr


…very professional, very punctual.  Will be helpful to other clients.

O. San Francisco Law Offices of Keith F. Carr

Why Seek Bankruptcy Protection?

Clients may seek Bankruptcy protection for many reasons. Repayment of your creditors may be straining your income. For instance, the monthly payments on your credit card debts may require you to devote a significant portion of your paycheck. Or you may have unexpected medical bills, collection problems with payday loans, or a wage garnishment.  

Emergency Bankruptcy Filing

The Law Offices of Keith F. Carr can handle emergency bankruptcy filings to stop foreclosure of your home, wage garnishments, bank account levies, lawsuits and other collection actions. Learn more about our emergency bankruptcy unit. 

In conclusion, the Law Offices of Keith F. Carr is located at 111 North Market Street in San Jose.  Attorney Keith F. Carr charges affordable, low cost attorney’s fees.

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