Telephone Consultation Benefits

Here are the benefits of having a telephone consultation with Attorney Keith F. Carr:

Your Convenience:

Telephone consultations eliminate the need for you to travel to our office, providing you with a convenient option to discuss your legal problems from the comfort of your own space.

Save Time:

You can save time, as there’s no commute involved. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with busy schedules or those who cannot take time off work.


Telephone consultations make legal advice accessible, including individuals in remote or rural areas who might face challenges in reaching our physical office.

Flexible Scheduling

By conducting your consultation over the phone, you can have more flexible scheduling options if you live in a different time zone or if you have varied availability.

Immediate Help:

Telephone consultations allow for quick and immediate legal advice from Attorney Keith F. Carr. You will receive guidance and understand the initial steps in addressing your legal concerns without delay.

Clear and Direct:

Telephone consultations allow for clear and direct communications. Attorney Keith F. Carr can ask questions, provide explanations, and address your concerns.

Your Comfort and Privacy:

You may feel more comfortable discussing personal and sensitive matters over the phone, leading to open and honest communication. This can contribute to building a trusting attorney-client relationship.

Effective Initial Screening and Quote of Fees:

Telephone consultations provide a practical method for initial screening of your legal problems. We will assess the viability of your case. Keith F. Carr provides of quote of fees and costs in your consultation. You are under no obligation of retain us, but its good to know what to expect.


    These benefits collectively contribute to a streamlined and client-focused approach, showcasing the advantages of utilizing telephone consultations.

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