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Keith F. Carr is an affordable San Francisco divorce attorney with over 30 years experience. We charge affordable fees.

When you’re going through a divorce, the decisions you make during divorce will have an enormous impact on you financially for the rest of your life. Your level of involvement in your children’s lives can also be affected.

It is important to have an attorney you know you can count on to walk you through each step of the process. The Law Offices of Keith F. Carr makes it their mission to give you the legal representation you deserve.

The Law Offices of Keith F. Carr is a San Francisco divorce attorney dedicated to representing you, including property division, alimony, child support and child custody. We take the time to listen to your concerns and work diligently to champion your rights and the rights of your children. As a San Francisco divorce attorney, we understand the challenges you may face during divorce and it is our mission to be your advocate.

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Save Your Employee Stock Options In Divorce

Many working spouses collect stock options during marriage (especially in Silicon Valley) as a form of compensation for employment. These options are considered community property if earned, vested, and exercised during marriage.  Community property will normally be acquired from the date of marriage to the date of physical separation of the parties. Problems occur with […]

Divorce | Family Law Blog

California’s Financial Disclosure Requirement For Divorce

I find that few couples who seek an uncontested divorce in California know about the disclosure requirements. In California, each spouse to the divorce settlement must disclose all community and separate assets that they own. Each spouse must also provide information regarding his or her current income. This is the Declaration of Disclosure requirement. It […]

Divorce | Family Law Blog

If Your Spouse Has an Attorney, Shouldn’t You?

When speaking with prospective clients, I sometimes ask: if your spouse has an attorney, shouldn’t you? There are five reasons why you should have your own representation in your divorce case, instead of relying on an attorney representing your spouse: 1. Your spouse’s attorney is an advocate for the spouse and not you.  Many times […]

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