Affordable Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys Fees

In comparison with other Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorneys, we charge an affordable attorney fee for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. (Note: attorney fee does not include court filing fee and other costs –  see below). Schedule your telephone consultation to learn if you qualify for bankruptcy and get a quote of fees and costs in your case. Payment plans are available.

Our Chapter 7 fee includes full representation in Chapter 7, including preparation of Chapter 7 petition, legal counseling on all matters in the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, attorney’s appearance at the Meeting of Creditors with the debtor.  For a detailed article of what is involved with a Chapter 7, visit Chapter 7 process.  Visit to see what other attorneys charge for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and compare our fees.  Attorney Keith F. Carr has a 5-star Yelp rating.

There is no requirement to hire an attorney to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and you are free to complete your own Chapter 7 Petition. To answer the question if you need a Bankruptcy attorney for Chapter 7 visit: Do you need an Attorney for Bankruptcy?

The Law Offices of Keith F. Carr has  three locations to serve you in the Bay Area. The county where you live determines where your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will be filed. Visit Where to file your Bankruptcy page for further information.

In addition to the attorney’s fee for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you must pay for the court filing fee for Chapter 7, which is $338.00. There are other costs to filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy that you should be aware of.  Additional fees may apply for emergency filings.