Here is What Clients Are Saying About Attorney Keith F. Carr

...very professional, very punctual.  Will be helpful to other clients.

San Francisco

Made everything less burdening...very quick and very discreet and very helpful.

San Bruno

I liked Mr. Carr over other attorneys because he was more self-assured and he was knowledgeable...

South San Francisco

[Mr. Carr] was very courteous and straight forward on giving information...


Returned calls to answer all questions in a timely manner.


First time filing chapter 7 and Keith stood by me the whole way. Price plus service was excellent!!!! Definitely would recommend!


Attorney Carr was terrific. He advised me every step of the way in my divorce and was greatly helpful and supportive.  I couldn't have completed my divorce without him.

San Francisco

I was totally relieved when I hired Mr. Carr for my divorce.  He  made everything easy for me to understand and walked me through the divorce process.  Mr. Carr was most helpful and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a divorce lawyer.

San Francisco

My divorce was very complicated, involving my company profit sharing plan and stock options.  Mr. Carr's knowledge of the law was awesome...he helped to save my assets.

San Francisco

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