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Chapter 13 Attorney Fees and Costs San Francisco - Sunnyvale - San Jose CA Attorneys

Affordable Chapter 13 Attorneys Fees. We charge an affordable attorney's fee for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  Attorney Keith F. Carr has a 5-star Yelp rating.  Please call our offices for details.   Visit to see what other attorneys charge for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. 

Our attorney fee includes full representation in Chapter 13, including preparation of Chapter 13 petition, legal counseling on all matters in the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, attorney's appearances at the Meeting of Creditors with the debtor and confirmation hearings (hearings to approve the Chapter 13 plan of repayment), if necessary. Legal representation in a Chapter 13 case lasts for the entire case, 3 to 5 years! Learn more about the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Process.

Down payment only. We do not require clients to pay the entire Chapter 13 attorney fee prior to their Chapter 13 filing. As a client, you will pay only a down payment plus court costs prior to the Chapter 13 filing.  The down payment will be based upon the complexity of your case and anticipated legal concerns. The remainder of the Chapter 13 fee will be paid as part of your Chapter 13 plan of consolidation. 

Emergency Bankruptcy. The Law Offices of Keith F. Carr can handle emergency bankruptcy filings to stop foreclosure of your home, wage garnishments, bank account levies, lawsuits and other collection actions. 

In addition to the attorney's fee for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you must pay for the court filing fee for Chapter 13, which is $310.00. Further, there are other costs for your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy that you should be aware of: Other Costs for San Francisco Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

In conclusion, Attorney Keith F. Carr is a 5-star bankruptcy attorney who charges affordable Chapter 13 attorneys fees. There are other costs involved with Chapter 13.

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