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community property

Your evaluation will include any specific issues regarding community property in your case.

Other Requirements

Your evaluation will detail any other legal requirements that you may have under California law.

child | spousal support

The evaluation will discuss any problems you may have in obtaining child or spousal support. However, it will not provide an estimated amount of child or spousal support.

Quote of Attorney's Fees

Every evaluation includes a quote of attorney's fees that our firm will charge you. In addition,court costs are estimated.

Our clients say

My divorce was very complicated, involving my company profit sharing plan and stock options.  Mr. Carr's knowledge of the law was awesome...he helped to save my assets.
San Francisco
I was totally relieved when I hired Mr. Carr for my divorce.  He  made everything easy for me to understand and walked me through the divorce process.  Mr. Carr was most helpful and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a divorce lawyer.
Divorce Offices Keith F. Carr
San Francisco