Why Us

Why the Law Offices of Keith F. Carr?

  • Affordable Fees

We charge affordable attorneys fees for bankruptcy, divorce, and estate planning.

  • Personal Attention

The Law Offices of Keith F. Carr has personalized client attention. Attorney Keith F. Carr will interview you personally to advise you in your matter.

  • Convenient Initial Consultations

The Law Offices of Keith F. Carr offers convenient initial consultations so that we can evaluate your bankruptcy, divorce, or estate planning case. Whether by telephone, online, or in our office, we are here to help you with your legal problem.

  • Attorney With OVER 30 Years Experience

Attorney Keith F. Carr has over 30 years of experience. That’s 30 years of experience that can help you solve your legal problems.

  • Personal Approach

The Law Offices of Keith F. Carr is professional and will not simply hand your case to an assistant to answer questions about your case. Have you contacted other attorneys’ offices? Were you able to speak with an attorney, or just the attorney’s assistant?

  • Emergency Bankruptcy Unit

For bankruptcy cases, our Emergency Bankruptcy Unit can file Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 on an emergency basis to avoid real estate foreclosures, automobile repossessions, wage garnishments, lawsuits, and other collection procedures.

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