Chapter 7 Costs

In order to file your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, the court charges a filing fee in the amount of $338.00. In addition, you must pay for two additional costs: Credit Counseling and the Debtor Education Course. 

Credit Counseling is required of all individual debtors, business or non-business, prior to the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing. The US Trustee’s office maintains a list of approved credit counselors for each district in the United States. In general, you should not be charged over $50 Dollars per person for a credit counseling session for bankruptcy. Our office refers clients to . Credit counseling includes discussing our monthly income, expenditures, and debt payments to determine if you are eligible to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. At the conclusion of the credit counseling session, you are given a Certificate of Credit Counseling which must be filed with the Chapter 7 Petition.

Once the Chapter 7 is filed, you must complete a Debtor Education course in Financial Management, usually a one hour course followed by a short quiz. The Financial Management course is required to obtain a Chapter 7 discharge of your debts. If a course is not taken, the Chapter 7 case will be dismissed without a discharge. So it is very important that you complete this course right away after your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case is filed. The US Trustee’s office maintains a list of approved Debtor Education course providers. The charge of the course should not exceed $25.00 Dollars per person. Our office refers clients to  At the conclusion of the course in Financial Management, you are given a Certificate of Completion of Debtor’s Education. This certificate must be filed with the Bankruptcy Court in order to obtain your Chapter 7 discharge.

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