San Jose Bankruptcy Attorney

Attorney for Bankruptcy San Jose

Keith F. Carr is a San Jose Bankruptcy attorney. He has practiced Bankruptcy law for 29 years, representing individuals and small businesses in the Bay Area. We have a 5-star Yelp rating. 

There are four key suggestions in hiring an attorney for your Bankruptcy filing:

1. Is your attorney experienced in Bankruptcy law? Attorney Keith F. Carr has practiced bankruptcy law since 1988.

2. At your initial consultation, are you speaking with an attorney or one of his paralegals?  Many clients do not realize that they are not consulting with an attorney at their initial consultation.  Attorney Keith F. Carr conducts all initial consultations.

3. Will your attorney give you personalized representation?   Our clients know that Attorney Keith F. Carr will get back to them the same day.

4. Does the attorney quote you a fee specific to your case or does he or she charge all clients the same amount?  If an attorney charges the same amount for all clients, chances are that attorney is operating a papermill, an operation designed to maximize a case load. That attorney cannot offer you personalized treatment. Attorney Keith F. Carr charges affordable fixed attorney's fees for his bankruptcy clients based upon the particular circumstances of the client's case.
 Payment plans are available.