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We charge an affordable fixed fee for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy with a low down payment.  Whether you are facing a foreclosure of your home while seeking a loan modification, IRS or State tax collection, lawsuits, debt collection calls, or wage garnishment:  If you do not call, we cannot help you!

When you call, we will discuss your financial situation and determine your Bankruptcy Fee. We charge an affordable fixed fee for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. 

Attorney Keith F. Carr will not take short cuts with your case. Fixed fees include full representation in Chapter 13, which can last over 3 to 5 years. Read more about the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Process.

Pay the Down payment only. We will not require you to pay the entire Chapter 13 fixed fee at once prior to your Chapter 13 filing. In most cases, your down payment is determined by the complexity and circumstances of your case. The remainder of the fixed fee will be paid as part of your Chapter 13 plan. In other words, the remaining fee will be paid along with your other creditors from your monthly Chapter 13 plan payments.

Emergency Bankruptcy. The Law Offices of Keith F. Carr has an emergency bankruptcy unit that can handle emergency bankruptcy filings to stop foreclosure of your home, wage garnishments, bank account levies, lawsuits and other collection actions.

In addition to the fixed fee for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you must pay for the Court Filing Fee for Chapter 13, which is $310.00. In addition, there are other costs for your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy that you should be aware of: Other Costs for San Francisco Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Attorney Keith F. Carr has over 25 years experience in Bankruptcy law practice. Read more about How our clients rate us.

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