Divorce Attorneys Fee - Uncontested Divorce

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We charge an affordable fee for uncontested divorce cases.   Major credit cards are accepted and payments are securely processed.  Other divorce attorneys charge an hourly rate, as much as $500.00 per hour (or more!) for the same service. The Court filing fee is $450.00 dollars alone. 

Most spouses with uncontested divorce cases try to complete their own divorce or hire a document preparer.  Many times in preparing their own divorce case, they do not realize the local rules involved or do not know all of the paperwork that must be submitted. Document preparers are hired but they may not give legal advice and do not monitor the case once the paperwork is completed.  

Attorney Keith F. Carr submits and files all documentation, advises you on important legal issues, and monitors the uncontested divorce case to make sure the court signs the divorce judgment.

We have three locations to serve you in the Bay Area.  The county where you live determines where your divorce will be filed.

An uncontested case means that you and your spouse agree on most (if not all issues) involved in a divorce and you both wish to settle those issues for the court to issue a judgment of divorce. Read more about Uncontested Divorce.