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Attorney Keith F. Carr is a San Francisco Divorce attorney with 29 years experience in divorce litigation and uncontested cases.  We handle uncontested and contested divorce in San Francisco and charge affordable fees and costs. Check out our fees for Uncontested Divorces.

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1. One spouse usually files a petition for divorce, legal separation or annulment. The filing spouse may also request temporary child custody, child support, alimony, and stay away orders at the same time.

2. The filing spouse then serves the responding spouse with the divorce papers. The responding spouse then must answer the petition and may file his own petition. In the alternative, the responding spouse may agree with the divorce in which case a marital settlement agreement and judgment are prepared. There is a 6-month waiting period for the Judgment to become final for divorce.

3. All community assets are frozen and cannot be used without court order.

4. Temporary custody of children, child support, and alimony are ordered if requested.

5. The parties discover assets, financial information, and other information in order to pursue an uncontested divorce or prepare for trial.

6. Trial is held in which the court decides the proper division of community property and community debts, assignment of separate property, permanent custody of children, child support, and alimony. If not entered sooner, judgment for divorce is entered.

7. Post-judgment motions to modify child custody, child support, and alimony may be brought.