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Chapter 13: Costs Credit Counseling and Debtor Education Costs

The court charges $310.00 as the filing fee in order to file your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  In addition, you must pay for two additional costs, Credit Counseling and a Debtor Education Course.

Credit Counseling is required of all individual debtors, business or non-business, prior to the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filing. The US Trustee's office maintains a list of approved credit counselors for each district in the United States. Our office refers clients to Credit counseling includes discussing our monthly income, expenditures, and debt payments. At the conclusion of the credit counseling session, you are given a Certificate of Credit Counseling which must be filed with the Chapter 13 Petition.

Once the Chapter 13 is filed, you must complete a Debtor Education course in Financial Management, usually a one hour course followed by a short quiz, within 3-5 years. The Financial Management course is required to obtain a Chapter 13 discharge of your debts once you have completed the Chapter 13 Plan. If a course is not taken, the Chapter 13 case will be dismissed without a discharge, after you have completed the plan! So it is very important that you complete this course. The US Trustee's office maintains a list of approved Debtor Education course providers.  Our office refers clients to At the conclusion of the course in Financial Management, you are given a Certificate of Completion of Debtor's Education. This certificate must be filed with the Bankruptcy Court in order to obtain your Chapter 13 discharge.

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